Recent Announcements

Drupal and WordPress Integration

Our WordPress Plugin and Drupal Module are now generally available.

Both allow you to view and download accessibility reports directly from the CMS dashboard.

See our instructions to install and configure your WordPress or Drupal sites.

As always, if you have any questions just send us a support request.


Notification Preferences

You can now opt-in to receive an email notification for new or re-opened issues, when you've been assigned to an issue, or when you've been mentioned in a comment.

By default, these messages will only appear in your notifications dashboard.

You can manage your notification preferences here.

As always, if you have any questions just send us a support request.


Branded Reports & Accessibility Updates

Just a quick note about the updates we pushed out this week.

Branded Reports

All customers now have access to stylized PDF reports, available from the site dashboard.

If you'd like the report to include your company's logo, you can upload it on the Manage Team page. For best results, use a logo that is:

  • In landscape orientation
  • Designed to appear on a white background
  • In SVG or PNG format

Accessibility Improvements

  • Improved the tab navigation experience site-wide.
  • Updated various elements attributes to improve screenreader experience.

Next Up

  • Opt-in email notifications for scan results, issue assignments, and comment mentions

We always prioritize features that our customers request, so please feel free to submit a request if there's anything that would make tidyDOM more useful to you.

Thanks and have a great week!


Updated Plans & Pricing

Today we've updated tidyDOM's plans & pricing. These changes make managing your team size much more flexible and will likely reduce your monthly bill.

Here are the important changes:

  • You can now add more users to any plan for $3/user/month.
  • The number of users included in the Agency plan is now 10 and the price has been reduced to $149.99/month.
  • The Small Business and Professional plans have also been reduced in price to $39.99 and $79.99 respectively.

You do not have to change plans. If you are on one of our legacy plans, you are free to keep it as long as you'd like.

If you would like to switch to one of our new plans, you can do so from your Billing Dashboard.

Questions? Just send a support request and we're happy to help.



Updates to Groups, Comments, and Reports

We just launched a few new features and enhancements that we're excited to share!

Workspace Improvements

Based on your feedback, we've greatly improved the usability of Workspaces.

  1. We've added a confirmation step when removing a user or member from a group to help prevent accidental removal.
  2. The Workspaces page for a site now displays the list of users that have access and quick links to the group(s) that are enabling their access.
  3. When adding a new site, you can now associate it with an initial group before saving it.
  4. We've updated our help article to explain the new features and provide specific instructions for the most common use cases.

Workspaces are available to teams on our Agency Plan.

Mentions in Issue Comments

You can now use @mentions in issue comments. For teams on the Agency plan, @mentions will use groups to determine who is mentionable.

Click the bell icon on the top right of the screen to see your notifications.

Comments in the Activity Stream

Issue comments are now part of the activity stream shown on the site dashboard.

Coming Soon - Branded PDF Reports

We're putting the finishing touches on some beautifully designed downloadable accessibility reports. The reports will be able to be branded with your company logo and will be available for all account types.

We hope these updates make using tidyDOM an even better experience for you! If you have any questions or have features you'd like to see us prioritize, send us a support request. We follow up on all feature requests.

Thanks and have a great week!


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